New english file beginner pdf free download

new english file beginner pdf free download

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  • Educational resources of the Internet - English. Download textbooks, dictionaries, manuals, audio, video etc. Pronunciation Better English Pronunciation. Clear Speech. Student's Book. Judy B. English Pronunciation in Begniner - Elementary. You may want to give your students this test so that you can get an idea download their starting level — for example, are they beginner beginners or do hew have some knowledge of English already, and how neww basic language do they know?

    If they are stronger, look out for the Extra challenge ideas. There are two versions A and B of each File test and of the End-of-course test except the Speaking tests, which are designed for students to english in pairs. The A and B tests cover exactly the same material, but the questions have been changed and reorganized. Some students may remember the contexts of the listenings, but they are very unlikely to remember the detail, and the listening exercises new all KET-type tasks which are different from the tasks that students have already done.

    These tests may free photocopied freely for classroom use. To pdf Academia. Skip to main content. You're using englisn out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. New English File Test Booklet elem. Karakuri how to make mechanical paper dowjload that move pdf jack zipes fairy tales and the art of subversion pdf.

    English File Beginner 3d Edition- Students [d47ez99dkyn2]

    New English File - Test donkeytime. I need New Engl. In pairs, practisethe dialogue.

    Sign in. New English File Beginner - Google Drive. Sign in. Free Download New English File Beginner Students Book PDF or Read New English File Beginner Students Book PDF on The Most Popular Online PDFLAB. Only Register an Account to DownloadNew English File Beginner Students Book PDF. Online PDF Related to New English File Beginner Students Book. Get Access New English File Beginner Students BookPDF . Download & View English File 4th Edition Beginner Student's Book as PDF for free.

    In pairs,practisethe dialogue. Complete word stress: two-svllable words the chart. Listenand check. Readthe rulesand do the exercises. What are the numbers? Underline the stressedsyllable. Practise the sentences. I Iello. IJarry'st lotel. Oh no! The phone! Are you Molly? No, sorry, I'm not. Do part A. Yes l am. No l'm not. Y V Niceto meetyou. Y Y Niceto meetyou. Y Niceto meetyou. Nice to meetyou.

    Am I late? B He'sfrom I. A ls she from 2 - too? B No, she isn't. She'sfrom 3 A ls it a goodfilm? B Yes,it is. A Whereareyoufrom? B l'm from England. A Wherein England? B l'm fromLondon. Readthe rulesanddo the exercises. Can you hear the difference?

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    I a Is he from ltaly? Guessthe countries. Ask your teacher. It'sfrom China.

    new english file beginner pdf free download

    Copy the stress. Italy I'. L r-erpool is in F,ngland. I'm from China. Nice to meet you. Where are you from? I m from Russia. Where inRussia?. I'm prf Moscow. Where is it? Is it a good film? Yes,it's fantastic. Yes, They're Theyaren'tSpanish.

    New English File Beginner Teacher's Book Pdf - Free Download

    Complete a 1. She'sfrom He's from I fohn Hello. We'reJohnand SallyClarke. Receptionist Hello. You'rein room 2l Beginner She'sfrom and they'rein room Sally Thankyou. Sally Hurryup. We're late. Pdf mark the sentencesy' right Anna We aren't late. Breakfast or X wrong. And Mike isn't ready. X 2 File from 6 to Are you American?

    He's from 4 Liz and TravisareEnglish. Mike No,we aren't. Do part New. Beginmer Download the wrong sentences. Savthe nationalitv. Liz and Travis,from Texas. Iohn and Sallyarein room Travis Bye. Havea nice day! Anna d r. Complete wrong? Make E english E sentences. Correct the wrong nationalities. American Brazilian l. Saythe negative. Listen and check. Do partB. Write them in the card. Play Free. We're on holiday too. Breakfastis from sevento ten. Goodbye lBye.

    English File 4th Edition Beginner Student's Book [mo8jrdlr6v2n]

    Have a nice day! Sheisn't Russian,she'sSpanish. Can vou hear the difference? Pleasego urgentlyto gate Bl4. Circle the beginner you hear. I'm PabloTorres. I havea reseruation. T Sorry? T Thankyou. New Good morning. Listen againand write the letters. I What'syourname? Whats his pdf His name's l. New from? He'sfrom 1. I Her name's. Shesfrom Readingin. Hes from in the USA. Her name's. She'sfrom a I Her name's. Shesfrom Bangalore, His name's. He'sfrom Vancouverin 6 His name's.

    He'sfrom File Diego. LI Sit down, please. T Lookat the board,please. I Openyour books. Listenagainand repeat. Good evening 6. A You'rethe receptionist. B You'rethe receptionist. What's your surname? A Useyour nameand surname. How do you spell it? Q Communication Download A p. Hittheships I have a reservation. Circle the correct answer. Hello, Alex. A ExcuseIare you Harry?. A I'm fim Brown. Nice file 2 you.

    I'm Ann Carter. A Is fack English? B No, American. I4 a reservation. A - from? B I'm from Russia. A Are you in room ? B No, inroom2l2. B Yes, a she's b she is They Chinese,they're apanese. Brazil vowels consonants 5 American Write the next number. Checkthe wordsand sounds,andpractisesayingthe examplewords. I free, seven, 2 beginner, one, Underlinethe stressed syllable. Readand completethe download for Marta,Viktor, and Kelly. Tick r' theboxes.

    Yes,I can. I a Danny'sAmerican. Write the words. It's on the train! I bag bags 2 chair Thetop five thingspeopleleaveon Britishtrainsare not in order : 3 book I bags english laptop fl coats O p. Readthe rules I glasses and do the exercises. E mobilephones e Memorygomep. Saythe plurals. Number the pictures I A Hey! That'smy bag. B No, it isn't. B What pdf their names? A Her name'sLucyand his name'sEric. B Hello. And who's this?

    C It's my parrot. B Whafs its name? B Hello Polly. B Sorry? A Whereare our coats? B Yourcoats- they'reover there on the chair. A Thankyou. Good night. Thencomplete men and women I the chart with a highlighted word. Readtherulesfor brother husband son mother possessive Do exercisea. Talk to a partner. Point at peoplein the classroom. What'sher name?

    I can'tremember. The woman over there is my mother. I have one brother and three sons. My husband and my father are teachers. Marianne b Complete the sentenceswith a name. Readthe english possessive s. Do exercise b. Corerb andpractisewith photosA-E. Ask andanswer. Myfather's name isMafi, andmymother'snameisAmy. I havea brother anda sister. Wehavea dog. That's my bag. Who's this? What are Listen and check. American E Tim Wow!

    Look at that car. British tr Sue lt's a man's car. French Tim A man's car? I Sue Yes. And it's very expensive. German tr Wow! Look at that yellow car. Italian tr Tim lt's free woman's car. Tapanese f] c Look at the highlighted words. Guesstheir meaning.

    Sign in. New English File Beginner - Google Drive. Sign in. english file elementary 3rd edition oxford students book workbook with key. english file elementary third edition workbook with key. basic english grammar 3rd edition workbook pdf. english file elementary third edition students book and workbook with key. new . Sep 08,  · New english file beginner test booklet pdf, NEW ENGLISH FILE BEGINNERS` TEST FILE - Free download as Word /.docx), PDF, Text or read online for free. - Pin on Ashik Hossain.

    Then practiseit a Circle the right sentence. Practisewith a partner. I Ask and answer. Whatcolouris it? Readthe rules and do the exercises. In pairs, 2 Describethe cars. Use two adjectives. Car 2 is small and cheap. B ask questions. Guessthe car. It'sa big house. Write in the article. What car? Men and smal l short datrshter boald womenare different 2.

    Practise the phrases. My car is a Peugeot2Ol. Write about your dream' car. Three dbe topfivewomen's carsaresportscars butnotvery qensivesports cars. Women prefercarsthataresmall download to park andsafe. Mark the sentencesT true or F false. A What'syour phonenumber? B- A Sorry? I 2 3 0r3r r In pairs, practise the dialogue in a. Use your phone number or an invented number. Then practisesaylngall the numbers. How old are the people file your famil b Listen again pdf read.

    Complete the dialogues. Ages c Listen and repeat new dialogues. Howold arethey? Does he havebrothersand sisters? Ll5 Lis t en. How old are they? LJ6 Listen to six more people. Answer the questionsfor eachperson. H-otydo beginner spel] it? O Firstname Surname,'. O Nationality :,',-rat's t. O Address. Postcode : ::,-'rr-oldare you?

    Married Single ','. O Phonenumber: home ' ','. Circle your title free. Q Communication Personol A p. What's your phone number? And you? What's your ernail address? I'm OK, thanks. How old are you? This is Helen. I' m Seeyou soon. Are you married? We're in a hurry. B It's email from my boyfriend. B- in my bag. I expensive a Is b It's 2 big A What arethey?

    Where areyoufurn? B Nice to meetyou. B I think she's B - thanks. B 25 King Street. Checkthe wordsand and practisesayingthe examplewords. Underlinethe stressedsyllable. Iy name's PaolaBruno and I'm 2. My son's name b Her name'sAlex. He's He'stall with 2 a His glasses areblue. Iy daughter'sname is Chiara. I have 6 a His phonenumberis Theirnamesare b His phonenumberis Dagmara 7 a His sisteris tall.

    Her english b His sisteris short. She isn't married hr stre has a boyfriend! Answerthe questionswith a sentence.

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    I What'sPaola'ssurname? Her surnameis Bruno. Ilhere is Paolafrom? Ibw old is Guido? Xlhat nationality is Piotr? Ufho is Dagmara? How old is ]ustyna? Imt at the highlightedwords. Usethe photosto guess introducesomebody E Yes,I can. I Yes,I can. He isnt good-looking. No,I don't. Number the pictures Customer Yes,it is. HairdresserDo you live 1 near here?

    I live 2 HairdresserOh, nice. Customer I don't know. I[1 HairdresserDo you want a 3 -? Customer No, thanks. I don't drink a HairdresserD o y o u w a n t a 5 -? Customer Yes,please. Ah look.

    New english file beginner test booklet pdf >

    HairdresserDo you have6 -? Complete the chart HairdresserHow old are they? Customer Eightand ten. Presentsimple Customer downpoad veryshort. E I live nearhere. Hairdresser Don'tworry. Do you like it? Readthe rules and b Readthe dialogueand complete wrtha word s from the list. A newhoircutp. I Ihaveld a in the centre. Customer s Ilike[] e a magazine.

    New English File Beginner Student’s - Google Диск

    Listen to the dialogue. Is the woman irTp't-O or sad at the end of the dialogue? Lislen again. What do the woman and rile driver say? Circle a or b. I a Oxford Street,please. I like it. It's fantastic. I live near here in a house fille a Iwantanewcoat. Ask and answerwith Do you? No, I don't. Do you have brothers and sisters? Yes l doI have two sisters.

    I live in house. I don t know. Do you want a cofee? Are you OK? B l-es,I do. What's the Uqblem? No, thanks. Don't worry. Wehavegreen tea. I havea croissantand hot chocolate. Ithinktrat's a verytypicalFrenchbreakfast.

    DVD eBook Oxford English File 3rd Edition The Complete Series | Tủ Sách Học Ngoại Ngữ

    And it'sverygood! In english family verydifferentfrom lunchand dinner. We haverice,fish,and miso we have eggs,cheese,cold meat,susage, and bread. We soup,and we drink greentea. Todaya lot of Japanesepeople drinktea or coffee,and fruit juice. Somemen havea small 'p6linka' pdf Europeanbreakfast. But I preferour breakfast. In my family brandy. We eat drink and watchTV! Read the texts. Then read sentences and mark the sentences T true or F false.

    Use the photos to guess their meaning. Are the verbs the sameor a Readthe questionnaireand think about your answers. I lile a croissantfor breakfast. Do people prefertea or coffee? Do they havea big mealfor lunchor for dinner? Do they eat a lot of fruit and vegetables? What's his favourite meal? What do you havefor breakfastat the weekend? Do you eat a lot of meat? Listen again with the script.

    Do you eat free lot of fish? Do you havedinnertogether? Do you watch W or talk? Listen end check. Theydon't have- or. Thry drink or. Ur Listen file repeatthe words and sounds. At the weekend lunch chocolate sandwich we have oranse vegetables I prefer our traditional breakfast. I drink orangejuice for breakfast. She's a doctor.

    Sheworksina hospital. How do the verbs 5. Complete the chart. What beginner you do? What your husbanddo? Do you like your job? Download like it verymuch. Yes,he new art and history. Listen again and read the dialogue. Checkyour answers.

    New English File Beginner Lesson Three

    EmilyYourEnglishis fantastic. I teach Englishat the Universityhere in Madrid. EmilyDo you like your job? EmilyWhat does new husbanddo? He works at the Pradomuseum. EmilyDoeshe like his job? Saythe sentencesin the 3rd person singular. He likesart and history. And he doesn'twork in the morning, only in the afternoon. EmilyDoeshe speakEnglishtoo? Sofia Yes,he does. He speaksit verywell. He meetsa lot of Britishand Americantourists. EmilyDo you speakEnglishtogether?

    Sofia Only when we don't want our childrento understand! Write l-5 in -:ir r-ouremember? What doesSofiado? Then answerthe questions. Is this a problemfor him? They all speakEnglish at work. Today,English is the common : : :actory worker t languagein multinational companiesin countries from Franceto Singapore. Every day he has meetings - with other managersin English. He alsoreadsdocumentsand writes emails. How is the final Pdf. We need a common languageto communicate,and that Llf Listen and repeat.

    Copy the languageis English. I think it is a good idea,but somepeopledont like '. Sheworksin a hospital. Yes,he does. Yes,he is. ASkandanswerwith a partner. Personnumber free is file mother. Look at the highlighted words and phrases. Guesstheir What do you do? What does she do? Check with your teacheror a dictionary.

    I'm a doctor. Is English important for I work in a hospital. I like it very much. She works 'F :-? Hospital Universithrioin Sdo Paulo. He speaksEnglishvery well. I A Whattime is it? B lt's half pastsix. Go backto sleep. Havea niceday. B Youtoo. What time is it? B Sorry don't know. I don't havea watch. A Excuseme. C Justa moment. A Thanks. C You'rewelcome. Do partA. Number L What time is it? It's nine pdf. Whottimeis it? I Whatdo you do? What doesshe do?

    Does shelike her job? What time does she r'x start and finish? Shestartswork at. Shefinisheswork at. Practisesayinggoodbye ut Listen and repeatthe days english the week. Seeyou on Monday. A Dar-sof the weekbeginwith a capitalletter, e. Ilonday NOT monday Ask and answer with a partner. What day is it today? Practisethe dialogueswith a partner. What day s do you have English classes? What's your favourite day of the download I beginner What day is it today?

    Dont write on the whiteboard. File don't know the school. Have a nice day. You too. You're welcome. What day is new tomorrow? Circlethe correctanswer. B Yes,I. A What dryis it today? B Friday. B It's half pastfive. B Itd 9 My brother children. B Sorry. I dont kn-- download doesn'thave b dont have 4 A Do you want somewater? B Yes,p. B Yes,six cupsa day! B He'sa doctor. Checkthe english sounds,and 2 English practisesayingthe examplewords.

    She,s26 yearsold,and she,s a nurse. Sheworksin a big hospitalin Ankara. She livesin a flat in Beytepe,about l3 km from Ankara. Sheliveswith two friends. Theyare nursestoo. She doesn'thavea boyfriend,but she hasa lot of friends. He studiesEnglish. He wantsto be a teacher. He liveswith his familyin a flat in the centreof Ankara. He hasa girlfriend,and her name is Demet. Doctorcsay that the traditional diet h some Mediterraneancountriet for write about two people:a member of your family and a friend.

    Why is it good for you? Ihis diet is very good for your heart and peoplein thesecountrieslive First name longerthan in other countries. Eata lot of fruit and vegetables Occupation everyday. Useoliveoil for cooking Name Class number and for 3. Phone number. Don't eat a Havea glassof red C a ny o u. Sit down with your familyfor lunch askwhereother peoplelive and what they do yes,I can. Beginner hurry your meals!

    Do you eat'the Free I What time do you get uP? Listen and write her answers. Match sentencesl-4 with a-d. I I alwaysgetup at 7. L-l r'r'r' r' r' 2 I neverdrink coffee Mime or draw fiveverb a but on Wednesdays I finish at 7. Copy the rhythm. Readthe rulesand do the exercises Whattimedo youg9! At seveno'clock.

    (PDF) New English File Beginner Students Book | djallel ghozel -

    In pairs, make true sentencesabout you. Use always, What time do you havebreakfast? At balf pastseven. I never listento the radio watch films on my computer get up go home in the car. I listento CDs. He livesalonein lbiza,Spain. I live in a bearilifirl old house. Frommy window I havea fantasticview of the sea. Beginned usuallyget up at about 9.

    I alwayswear jeansand a T-shirt. Clothesdon't really interestme.

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