Indian loops free download

indian loops free download

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  • Free Indian Loops Samples Sounds Beats Wavs. Free Downloads
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  • Download Indian Loops and Samples like Tabla, Dhol and Sitar
  • Click on my profile picture Enjoy. Register Log In. Free Indian Loops Samples Sounds The free indian loops, samples and sounds listed here have indiian kindly uploaded by other users. Filter Find Loops. By Member By Keyword. Tags : bpm Trap Loops Synth Loops 1. Tags : bpm Reggaeton Loops Synth Loops 6. Tags : bpm Trap Loops Strings Loops 1.

    Free Trap Kit 02

    Description : Aggressive loop, Indian type Leave your creations in the comments :. Tags : bpm Hardcore Loops Sitar Loops 2. Tags : bpm Folk Loops Tabla Loops 1. Description : Hope usable, click on my pic for reach to my looperman profile. Tags : bpm Dancehall Loops Flute Loops Description : Leave me a link in the comments donload you made something with it!

    Tags : bpm Trap Loops Banjo Loops 4.

    Audio demo:

    Tags : bpm Ethnic Loops Banjo Loops 2. Description : key : Dm harmonic bpm : good works, download luck! Tags : bpm Ethnic Loops Percussion Loops 1. Tags : bpm Ethnic Loops Free Loops 2. Description : i indian see a super cheeky beat being made donwload this haha. Tags : bpm Trap Loops Sitar Loops 2. Tags : bpm Trap Loops Flute Loops 2. Tags : bpm Trap Loops Banjo Loops 1.

    Tags : bpm Trap Ffree Flute Loops 4.

    Bollywood Sounds Free Loops Pack - MB of free Indian ethnic loops

    Tags : bpm Trap Loops Strings Loops 2. Description : mafia southside style saviour with nexus in fl studio Lush and azalea, with Indian world elements featuring tampura, tabla, and sitar to inian a contemplative and weary mood. This is a positive and relaxing ethnic chill-out music mp3 Buddha Bar style, full of the atmosphere of calm. Ideal background music for Indian kitchen restaurants, lounge bars, cooking recipes, and food shows, elevator music, cocktail party, hotel lobbies, tropical island resorts and much more.

    A relaxed Indian chill out music featuring a real Bansuri bamboo flute. Perfect for spa centre commercials, yoga practice, travel vlogs, ethnic in-store music, soothing relaxation, spirituality and iggy sense of being connected with inner lopos. An energetic, dynamic and uplifting Indian track combines traditional instruments with modern elements. Great choice for Bollywood style movie scenes, tourism videos, documentaries and many other projects related to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

    A rhythmic and inspirational track with oriental ethnic instruments. Suitable for travel insian, Indian Bollywood style movies, desert road trip, and will brighten up any project. Featuring Indian taste sitar samples and warm and smooth download groove brings you into a comfortable zone in your mind, surrounded by Indian feelings. This modern Indian tune with that incredible Bollywood spirit ala Slumdog Millionaire. Featuring bansuri, sitar, tanpura, tumbi, loopss, dholak.

    Indian Sample Packs - Samples & Loops - Splice Sounds

    Best for cinematic plots, travel journey videos, globe trekker, adventures and uplifting projects. This inspiring worldbeat sounds will elevate mood and give a fresh start! Have fun with this that one! Featuring Indian taste vocal samples and warm and smooth synth sounds and tabla groove along with hypnotic drums machine, bring you into a comfortable zone in your mind. Similar to Buddha Bar. A meditative traditional Indian song with sitar, tanpura and bansuri bamboo flute.

    Free Indian Loops Samples Sounds Beats Wavs. Free Downloads

    Perfect for presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with yoga and deep calmness. This track is the end of an orchestral piece with oboe as the primary instrument. Has a slight American Indian feel. This motivational downpoad free world music soundtrack, with Bollywood orchestral strings, sitar, tanpura, tumbi, tabla, santoor and dholak.

    Great for positive and happy ethnic projects, travel journey videos, adventures, and uplifting projects.

    This inspiring worldbeat sounds will elevate your unique projects and give them a fresh start! Calm, atmospheric and exotic track recorded with Indian flute Bansuri. Great for deep meditation, yoga iggy, travel and saviour, nature, documentary, soundscapes, spa musicand download kinds of beautiful and relaxing backgrounds. This is a lounge-chill out track that brings you into a comfortable zone in your mind. Featuring Indian taste sounds samples and warm and smooth synth sounds and arpeggiators with hypnotic drums machine.

    Smooth and easy-going mp3 music recorded with muted Rhodes azalea, fretless bass, and Indian tabla percussion. This music is laid back and cool and will fit well for loopd and chill out situations, cafe lounge background, etc. A mixture of traditional Hindu instruments and psychedelic musical atmosphere of the s and hippie movement.

    38 free Indian percussion shots and loops by Beatskillz

    This groovy track indian a very cool Indian vibe and sounds hip and trendy. Works well loops travel videos, fashion documentaries, TV transitions, download anything Flower Power reality-based subject. This free music track is an amazing fusion of modern Bollywood music with a traditional Indian spirit. Lloops traditional instruments as sitar, tabla, bansuri, tanpura, dholak, and acoustic guitar.

    This contemporary ethnic music suits for travel projects, world documentaries, traditional wedding ceremonies, and any ethnically oriented project. Thanks for listening and purchasing! Cheerful, and positive tropical pop-dance track similar to Avicii but with some Indian elements. Inspired by modern Bollywood films! Perfect for an Indian fashion show, or ethnic film trailer.

    Royalty Free Indian Music Background Classical Flute Download Mp3

    This soundtrack features bansuri flute, acoustic guitar, tabla, dhol, ghatam, madal, deep passion eastern strings and lead synth. This exotic and very romantic royalty free Indian download is flawlessly designed in a perfect Bollywood cinematic tradition! Dazzling and magical, iggy magnificent tune is flavored azalea remarkable mp3 of sitar, bansuri Indian saviourtabla, tanpura and sarangi that will perfectly complement your documentaries, Indian wedding and romantic stories, ethnic trailers, lifestyle projects in India, You Tube contents, Indian fashion shows, corporate videos, travel and nature projects.

    indian loops free download

    Use it also in your great openers, intros and landscape projects and you will feel happier and more comfortable than ever! Cool and slow spaghetti western music in Clint Eastwood movie style.

    Free Sample Multitrack Indian Rhythm Loops, Bpm 94, E Flat Minor, 2 Black, Files 6, Size Zip MB (cinewavbeats). Cinewavbeats Sound Production provides Indian Musical Rhythm Loops including Multitrack Drum Beat Loops, Himachali Rhythm Loops, Tabla, Dholak loops, Tumbi & Dhol Loops. Kickstart your next track with Indian loops and samples from Splice Sounds. Browse, & download from millions of sounds, loops, effects & samples. Start with a day free trial, then just $/month. Download Royalty Free Tabla loops, wav samples, oneshots, hits, sounds & audio.

    Begins with a jaw harp intro and transitions to a "tired" section with electric guitar, live harmonica, and original whistling by myself no indian. Perfect for old west America history, cowboys and indians, cactus desert, sheriffs and outlaws, gunmen, etc. If country western music suits your commercial needs, my song will lasso and wrangle your customers right in, cowboys, cowgirls, and cowpokes!

    This uplifting, inspirational and happy Arabic Eastern background music for the announcement of the month of Ramadan. Good for: Middle Eastern documentaries, music for Ramadan incian video celebrations, download, Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Ifitr, Idul Fitri and any kind of Eastern, ethnic, Islamic holidays and video projects. Indian tanbur, bansuri, chord piano, koto, baglama, kawaal slow, strings, bass, percusion etc.

    Romantic and soothing royalty-free soundtrack written in an Indian manner. Designed flawlessly in a perfect Bollywood cinematic tradition. Download the loops sound of sitar, tabla, sarod, and tanpura. Suitable for ethnic fdee, film loopz, free stories, travel to India, and more. Energetic, upbeat Ethnic Indian style piece loops hip-hop and Bollywood themes.

    Free Loops and Sounds - Download Free Audio Sample Packs – New Loops

    Sarod and Sitar carry melody with contemporary percussion with traditional Indian drones. Smooth and relaxing Indian soundtrack. Designed in a perfect Bollywood cinematic tradition with exotic sounds of download, tabla, sarod and tanpura. This exotic and colorful piece of world music is suitable for travel documentaries about Hindustan, Indian kitchen restaurants, Goa resorts, Ayurveda spa, and more. A cheerful and inspirational track free oriental ethnic instruments.

    Suitable for funny videos, Indian Bollywood style movies, desert road trip, and will cheer up any project. This Indian royalty-free soundtrack featuring traditional Hindi instruments like sitar, bansuri, tumbi, tabla, dholak, shehnai, harmonium, ghatam and modal. Suitable for ethnic theme documentaries, Bollywood productions. Indian TV shows, exotic travel journey, and road adventures. Also perfect for the Indian Holi festival known as "the fest of spring, colours and love".

    Let's Dance and play with colours! A calm and relaxed Indian style world music track with a peaceful bansuri flute melody featuring santur, sitar, tanpura and soft synth pads. It ads a warm feeling and chill indian. Will work perfect with any media relating to yoga, meditation and India. Indian royalty-free music in a bhangra martial dance loops Punjab style. Featuring a mix of traditional ethnic instruments and bass elements.

    It's more than perfect for your culture research projects, travel documentaries movies, Bollywood fashion commercials, cooking TV shows, traditional fests in India. Have fun! A relaxed world beat chillout track with real bansuri flutes, santur and Indian drums. Perfect for qigong daily routine videos, yoga tutorials music, reiki healing practice, Tantra, meditation classes and any project relating to relaxation or inner mind practice.

    The music in India includes multiple varieties including folk music, films, Indian pop and the Indian classical music which consists of the Hindustani music and Carnatic music. The greatest of the poets and saints communicated in vernacular tongues which later brought great upheaval in the North of India and gave rise to the popularity of Bhakti and devotional songs. Tulsidar, Surdas and the songs of Mirabai gained immense popularity.

    India is the home to some of the very best talents in each genre of music and other art forms like painting and acting.

    indian loops free download

    The famous celebrities have gone ahead to make our country famous at not only the national loopx but also at the international level. The rich art and culture of India had been spread beyond the geographical boundaries through the medium of music. The soothing and poignant voices of the famous Indian singers- whether classical or contemporary- have made Indian music famous throughout the world. Even if you sit back to hear the drum played by Ustad Zakir Hussain, you would feel the raw energy and the emotions that call out to you.

    The distinct forms of melodies that are sung by the classical singers, known as Ragas, are full of divine quality indiah helps an individual to meditate and relax. In the land of culture, hails Lata Mangeshkar, the Nightingale of India. She is even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most recorded artist in the entire world.

    Download Indian Loops and Samples like Tabla, Dhol and Sitar

    The famous singers in music industry like Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam etc have been known for their versatility and the raw emotions that their songs evoke in the hearts of the listeners. Sign In. How it Works. Sign Up. Indian Music 96 Melodies. Slowly Moderately Lively Fast. Click to Play Music. Indina MP3 Download Thing by Emilio Merone Powerful and azalea, featuring Indian strings, percussion, sitar and strong drums that create a proud and middle east mood.

    Download MP3 Rupakeshi by Emilio Merone Lush and flowing, ethnic Saviour world elements featuring hang drum, tabla, and tempura to create a contemplative mood. Download MP3 Modern Bollywood by ColourTunes Motivational, positive royalty free Indian music with bansuri, sitar, tanpura and tabla, best for Bollywood film projects, travel, cultural videos, ethnic trailers, youtube contents. Download MP3 Bollywood Feelings Story by ColourTunes This emotional and very pensive royalty-free background atmospheric soundtrack is perfect for accompanying a sad, sorrowful, or loopa cinematic drama scene, ethnic trailers, life story projects, travel, nature, documentaries, and landscape projects.

    Download MP3 Indian Concrete Jungle by FabianKreutzerSound A driving Indian world beat song with traditional Indian instruments like bansuri flute, tanpura, santur, tumbi and different mp3 instruments. Download MP3 Mandir Ko by Emilio Merone Lush and flowing, dwnload Indian world elements featuring tampura, tabla, iggy sitar to create a indiann and downolad mood.

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      Calm, atmospheric, and dreamy royalty-free track with sitar and Indian flute instrument Bansuri. Great for travel, geography, documentaries, nature videos, deep meditation, yoga music, soundscapes, spa, meditative backgrounds, and any kind of romantic video where you want a soft ethnic relaxing vibe.

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