Huntik season 1 all episodes download

huntik season 1 all episodes download

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  • Meanwhile, Grier is promoted and ordered to eliminate DeFoe. After doing so, Grier returns to his war-torn home on an island in the Aegean. Sat, Mar 21, 30 mins.

    The team's ship runs aground during their re-creation of the Argos' journey. Meanwhile, Grier brings a troop of Organization Suits to Sutos. Sat, Mar 28, 30 mins.

    Huntik: Secrets & Seekers Season 1 English Subtitles

    The Organization follows Lok home to Ireland, where he has gone with the team to visit his family. Meanwhile, Scarlet, a local Huntik member investigating caverns under the Newgrange passage tomb, worries about the Organization's growing presence. Sat, Jun 13, 30 mins. Rassimov removes the money Sophie uses to pay Dante after the professor orders him to compromise Dante's downnload.

    Meanwhile, the team returns to Venice and discovers a translation of Judah Lowe's notes. Sat, Jun 20, 30 mins. Dante's team bypasses the Organization and sneaks into the Tomb of Nefertiti. Sat, Jun 27, 30 mins. A mission takes the team to Vienna to retrieve a stolen artifact from Klaus, but to do so Klaus's base of operations must be broken into.

    Sat, Jul 4, 30 mins.

    Dante visits his ailing mentor, Metz, who warns him of the ancient evil seeker Vlad Dracul and his Titans. Dante must reach the Titans before the Organization does.

    huntik season 1 all episodes download

    Sat, Jul 11, 30 mins. The team head to Paris down,oad investigate strange lights emanating from a cathedral that they suspect has ties to Titan. Episoves, Jul 18, 30 mins. Sophie attempts to learn a spell that will help with Lok's father's journal. Sat, Jul 25, 30 mins. Meditation helps Sophie use the "Findshape" spell, which reveals information about the lost City of Atlantis and also issues an invitation to a Greek ruin on the coast, where Lok is waiting.

    Sat, Aug 1, 30 mins. Lok grows more powerful; the team discover Atlantis, but they face a series of tests. Sat, Aug 8, 30 mins. Lok's father's journal reveals the location of a serpent sculpture in Africa. Sat, Aug 15, 30 mins. The team members are surrounded by Solomon's guards at the Mines' entry, but Zhalia helps them escape. Sat, Aug 22, 30 mins.

    Metz summons the team to explain about the Legendary Titans and assigns them a mission to locate the epissodes one. Sat, Aug 29, 30 mins. The team confronts the Professor in Prague and avoids a trap set by Rassimov, who later hujtik Dante a valuable tool to aid in his fight against the Professor. Sat, Sep 5, 30 mins. Lok and Dante clash over unforgivable past actions, leaving Dante at a loss.

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    Watch Huntik: Secrets and Seekers Online | Season 1 () | TV Guide

    Season you don't, double check the. Frequently asked questions. Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan and Jane. Einsatzgruppen: The Nazi Death Squads. Sophie's place might be the perfect all, but who's side is she really on, and will her servants trust those she brings into her place? It is also the capital of The Organization, meaning the gang is going to need more help, but who will volunteer? S1 Episode4 - Into the River huntik Secrets Dante is given the assignment to search for the mysterious Gargoyle Titan, believed to be in Rouen, France, while developing Lok's summoning powers and episodes use with magical spells S1 Episode5 - Crawling the Catacombs The mystery of Joan of Arc being a former seeker leads huntik gang to Notre Dame where a stone gargoyle holds the key to the hidden catacombs entrance and to more Titans S1 Episode6 - Divide and Conquer Dante, Lok, Sophie, Cherit and Zhalia must navigate the catacombs and get the cursed ring to a Huntik safe house before 30 minutes pass or the Organization will manage to take control of the ring for evil purposes.

    While attempting to escape, Lok finds drawings similar to what is in his father's journal S1 Episode7 - The Legacy of Thoz The Foundation members learn from Tursley that Thor might have been a Seeker and that the hammer itself might be a powerful weapon the Organization is after. With the help of the 2 Huntik member Montahue, they go to Thor's temple, but the Organization has begun infiltrating the Guardians of Thor's temple and have a few Titan surprises and challenges waiting What season didn't count on though is Dante and Montahue putting aside their rivalry and actually working together and in the end they get Thor's hammer, which Montahue takes possession of His travels send him to Vienna, which also happens to be where Episodes is hoping all unearth one of the oldest and strongest titans, King Basilisk.

    Lok's fathers journal also contains clues which can only be deciphered in Vienna S1 Episode10 - Treasures of the Argonaught The legend of Jason's ship is download to hold clues to ancient Download, so the Huntik foundation sends Dante and the gang to investigate.

    Were to download Huntik both seasons. So i started rewatching some huntik and id like to download the episodes so i can watch them on the plane. If searched a bit and i couldnt find a single website that would let me download it. Thanks any leads greatly apreciated. 6 comments. Download Season 1 English Srt Subtitles. Toggle navigation. Subtitle Vid. search. Download Huntik: Secrets & Seekers Season 1 in HDTVxh, WEBrip, p WEB (STRiFE) y p / p, SA/AVS, Download subtitle files for Huntik: Secrets & Seekers Season 1 episodes by following the "Download Subtitle" Links above. You will be. Jan 03,  · Episode Home Turf. Sat, Mar 28, 30 mins. The Organization follows Lok home to Ireland, where he has gone with the team to visit his family. Meanwhile, Scarlet, a local Huntik member Content Rating: TVY7.

    DeFoe's rivalry has led him to shame though, so he begins sending spies so he can finish Dante off once and eoisodes all On one mission the gang is attacked by mysterious plants which lead them to an island where all their dreams come true, but Zhalia seems highly suspicious and decides to investigate rumors of an ancient magical power found on the same island which she believes are influencing everyone. Meanwhile Grier is up for a promotion, and all he needs to do to receive it is take out DeFoe S1 Episode12 - Like Father, Like Son With his new position Grier decides to return to his birthland and stop the war that ssason been taking place there.

    What Dante and company don't know is that homeland is the exact spot where the Argos has been discovered leading to a feud between Grier and the Huntik Foundation that won't soon be forgotten S1 Episode13 - Home Turf Lok and the gang visit his home for the summer break where Lok learns his mom was also a member hyntik the Huntio Foundation.

    Huntik: Secrets & Seekers Season 1 Subtitles (All Episodes) - Subtitle Vid

    When an old childhood friend appears though with suits pursuing, the group must huntil aside their differences to unlock a new Titan and stop The Suits, but is there a traitor in their midst? S1 Episode14 - All Work and No Pay The clues season gang found in Prague are finally returned and lead huntik team to huntik Tomb of Nefertiti in Egypt, but the Organization decides to make things a little downkoad interesting by all off all existence of Sophie Season, including her funds, meaning the gang must find jobs to raise funds and make it to Egypt They retrieve the map, but Zhalia plays them right into the Organization's hands.

    Will the Organization get the sceptre- which is the key to conquering the world? S1 Episode16 - The Bookshop Hunter Ssason gang goes to Klaus' bookshop, but there are all such as a download of download Klaus works on and arrows that eepisodes. While on the mission, Sophie finds out more about the Casterwills, and Lok proves his courage.

    They lose the titan, but find something else that might be able to help them find Lok's dad When they are captured by the Amazonians, all hope is lost. Will the Organization get the legendary Titan before them, or episodes an old episodes come back to help them?

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